Dyno-nites 2024

Your kids are invited to join us for Dyno-nites 2024, “Hometown Nazareth: Where Jesus was a Kid”, an evening VBS at GraceSpring Church. Kids will adventure back in time to first-century Nazareth where they will experience God’s Word come to life through first-hand encounters with Mary and Joseph.

Each evening kids will become apprentices in “shops” at the Nazareth Marketplace, visit “fun & games”, enjoy snacks, sing songs, and learn how to stand up for their faith.

Who: Kids ages 3-finishing 5th grade
When: June 3-7 6:00-8:00 p.m. 
Where: GraceSpring Church: 1955 20th Avenue, Vero Beach

Free Nazareth Tribe Bandura with registration- each small group will get their own team color!

Requested donation of $15 per child, or $20 per family

Contact Ali Turner (ali@gracespring.com).