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We Believe. . .

  • The Creator God is not only alive and present, but interested in each one of us.
  • When God created us His intent for us was a life full of love, joy, and meaning.
  • Life can only be lived right side up with the help of our Creator and He’s willing to do just that.
  • God shares and shows us Himself in Jesus. In Jesus, He meets our alienation with grace and love.
  • He has given us the Holy Spirit to live in us and be our resource for living.
  • He has called us to follow Him, become like Him, and pass on His love.
  • He has given us the Bible as the perfect guide for living.
  • He has given us each other as a support team.
  • Our past can be overcome.
  • Our present can be filled with meaning and hope.
  • Our future can be filled with fruit and joy.
  • Our daily choices to live by faith are pivotal.
  • Death is not the end.  Jesus is coming back and our eternity rests upon His verdict.